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A brand new concept!

The House of Mobility

200m² dedicated to Urban Mobility.
Located at the Bourse Grand-Place station, right in the heart of Brussels!

Physical & permanent

Info-center & showroom

Because we believe that this is just the beginning, this concept was
created to last and support the development of a sustainable mobility in
Brussels on the long term.

Promoting innovative solutions, products and partners in a unique
place and aiming to accelerate the transition to the future of Mobility.

Our story

A citizen answer to a user need

After years wasting hours in the congested roads of Brussels and seeing that valuable time increasing every year impacting my work-life balance, resulting in a lower quality of life.

This is why I decided to take actions and search for alternatives
ways to commute!


In preparation for more than a year and shared with the main actors of the mobility, this project has been developed by a team of people from Brussels: project management experts, passionate about new technologies, unconditional users of alternative mobility and firmly convinced that Brussels should move to a more sustainable mobility.


This citizen initiative was created with the support of and jobyourself, as well as with the logistic support of and STIB, making available a unique space dedicated to the mobility.

What are the services provided?

A Free Service for the Citizen.

If you are always looking for better ways to commute, then our team can help you find the right mobility solution providing you with tailor made advices, giving you the possibility to test the available products on the market and organizing demo products to help you change your mobility behaviour.


Training, rental and workshops are also organized in collaboration with our partners taking the new alternative mobility closer to the people.


Whether you are looking for a bicycle, a cargo bike, an electric scooter, an electric skateboard, a gyro-wheel or the Onewheel, you will find them all in our unique place.

Come to see us and we will help you reduce the time spent in traffic and regain control on your work-life balance.

What are the best products?

The best products and services to your mobility needs and lifestyle

At the house of mobility, we centralize the information and represent the diversity of the market bringing the different type of products, users, communities and solution providers more closely together.


For each type of products, our partners are local shops with the best reputation and with years of experience in their own market.


We help you find the best solution to your specific needs!


Kids & Teens

Does your kid want to become one of the next @oneheelkids ?


Or does he just want a new bike or scooter?


In any case, we guide you on all aspect of the change, find the best
products, the minimum needed safety gear for your kid, we also offer training solutions for a safer usage and all kind of advices.

Family & Friends

Whether you want to find the best alternative mobility solution matching your family needs or just want to join your friends in a ride, come to see us to find out how we can help you.

Business commuting

Your time is of too great value to be wasted in the city traffic jams, we advise you how
to change the way you are commuting with the purpose to improve the quality of your life.

Contact Us


Underground premetro station Beurs 1000 Brussels

+32 473 88 49 34

Our Partenaires

For more information, please contact us